Small Group Yoga Classes for personal attention
Day and evening Yoga group classes are available in Blackrock, Co Dublin for different levels of experience and interest.
They are usually held weekly in termly cycles and are suitable for those students who, without especially limiting problems, prefer working in a Yoga group class.

Beginners Yoga group classes
are for beginning students to be introduced to the basic principles of Yoga practice
The emphasis is primarily on learning an Introductory Yoga practice through the use of primary Yoga āsana (postures) with appropriate breathing patterns. Plus introducing simple seated practices for refining breath and attention.

Mixed Yoga group classes
are for continuing students familiar with the basic principles in beginners classes
The emphasis is still on refining primary Yoga āsana but the practice is developed through work with introducing intermediate āsana.
Plus adding depth to the primary āsana through subtler techniques.
Developing simple meditational (dhyāna) techniques for breath and attention.
Exploring meditational techniques (dhyāna) through basic prāṇāyāma (seated breathing) practices for refining breath and attention.

Group Yoga class schedule 2018-2019:
Wednesdays at Clonlea Yoga Studio Blackrock, Co Dublin

9.30am – 10.45am
- Mixed Level Yoga Class

11am – 12.15pm

- Beginners Yoga Class, over 50’s

6.15pm – 7.30pm
- Yoga for Recovery, Rejuvenation and Emotional Wellbeing
(This class is Trauma Informed)
Anyone is welcome to this group, particularly those:
Who feel disconnected from their body,
Who are experiencing chronic stress/anxiety/depression,
Or, recovering from, or experience ongoing illness.

No previous Yoga experience is required; however participants who are currently undergoing physical or emotional trauma may further benefit from having an ongoing therapeutic relationship outside the yoga class.

Learn Yoga Practice through Personal Yoga Lessons or Yoga Group Classes
Phone: 086 395 3874