In modern life Yoga practice can be approached to enhance health and well-being from many different directions, for example to support our efforts to:

  • Positively influence our well-being
  • Improve personal fitness levels
  • Enhance personal energy levels
  • Help mental or emotional stability
  • Cope with excessive stress
  • Prepare for birth and post-partum
  • Reduce dependency on social and medical drugs or overeating
  • Learn to care for health issues such as back pain, arthritis, asthma, circulatory or digestive disorders etc.

However certain situations may be more suited to Individual Yoga Lessons and require practices developed within the privacy of Personal Yoga Tuition.

Private Yoga lessons are available in Blackrock, Co Dublin for people with specific interests or needs where the advantages of working with Yoga individually would be more beneficial. Traditionally Yoga was often taught on an individual basis and this is still seen as an important way to explore Yoga practice according to the person and their situation.

Whether your interest is Yoga exercise for fitness, learning Yoga postures or Yoga breathing techniques for mental and physical health, needing a practice for meditation, or for Yoga as therapy for body or mind, or a practice tailored to your energy and aims; one to one lessons offer more possibilities with time for discussing your hopes and issues around the questions of Yoga practice and what you wish to change.

Individual Yoga lessons also provide an opportunity to adapt and over time develop the Yoga practice, firstly to respect the Yoga students limitations and then to stretch their abilities. Here time can be given to exploring the students needs and develop a practice appropriate to their lifestyle, interest and commitment.

A personal Yoga practice is designed for regular use at home. It can vary from a short 10-15 minute practice, usually twice daily, to more than an hours single practice, depending on its role and how much time the Yoga student is prepared to make available. Typically, it is around 25 to 50 minutes.

The Yoga teacher guides the student through the Yoga practice, carefully ensuring that it meets their needs and that they are comfortable with the structure and forms used. The frequency and overall span of personal Yoga lessons can vary according to the needs, concerns and requests of the Yoga student.

The first longer Yoga practice consultation is €75, thereafter lessons will be €60 for a full Yoga lesson and €30 for Yoga practice review meetings.

A free preliminary half hour meeting is offered to discuss your needs regarding Yoga or discuss group Yoga classes or Yoga lessons for personal practice or therapy.

To arrange a meeting please contact Roisi by phone or email

Learn Yoga Practice through Personal Yoga Lessons or Yoga Group Classes
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